"Even though the Viipuri library restoration will take several more years to complete, it has deservingly become a leading example in the growing subspecialty of conserving 20th century modernist architecture."
John Stubbs
President for Field Projects, World Monuments Fund

The restoration of Viipuri library is a critical process and an interesting pilot project for the restoration and conservation of Modern architecture. The goal of the restoration is to regain the architectural values of the building, while meeting the present needs of function and safety.

The work to save the Viipuri Library has now gone on for fifteen years. At start nobody was able to grasp all the problems that lay ahead or predict the pace of the work. Also, it took time to develop a working formula for cooperation. Today the project has strong support within the city administration of Vyborg and the value of the building is recognized by the authorities in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The glass façade of the main stair hall 1994-1996
The library caretaker`s apartment 1997 - 2000
The roofs 1996, 1999-2003
The skylights 2001-2003
The entrance doors 2001, 2002-2005
The exterior stairs of the lending hall 2001
The children`s library entrance 2004-2005
The iron/steel windows 2001-2008
The periodicals reading room 2004-2005
The lecture hall 2006-2009
The undulating wooden ceiling 2007-2008
The main hall 2009


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